Thank you so much for your interest in creating material for Mom so free! Read below for a FAQ and disclaimers for accepted material and what we’re looking for!


  1. Q: Do I have to be a Christian/believer to write/make videos for mom so free?

A: Because this is a Christian and Jesus centered ministry we really desire women who are like minded and in love with Jesus to write for us. we believe that we can only be truly set free when our hope is founded in Jesus alone and that’s what our message is here.. if you don’t know Jesus and would love to meet him and get to know Him and the freedom that we carry only in Him I would love to talk more about it! please email me in my “Contact me” button above.

2. Q: can we write/talk about anything we want?

A. definitely! My hope for having many women participate is so that everyone can be ministered to because of our authenticity. Go as the spirit leads friend!

3.Q: can I use a post/video that I already have on my blog/channel

A: sure!

4.Q: I want to participate! What do I need to do?

A: I’m so excited! Thanks so much for your interest! If we choose to use your post for our website we will contact you and will need a short bio, social media links and a picture.

5.Q: Do you have any spots available for consistent writers & vloggers who can write for you on a regular basis?

A: We Do! We are actually looking for like minded mamas to create content for us once a month! If you are a blogger or youtuber or just love to write, make videos and have a heart for mamas please message me for a interview!

6.Q: Is this a paid position?

A: As of right now it’s not.. But perhaps one day it will be! Right now if you come along side with us or just submit a post here or there you will get a social media shout out and if you become a partner with us in making content once a month you will have a “about me” section where our readers can reach your social media.

7.Q: Great!! Where do I sign up?

A: You can write a blog post below or message me about posting a video! If you want to become a once a month permanent writer/youtuber for us message me also below and we’ll give you more info!

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