Welcome Sweet Mamas!

I’m Heather and i’m the mama behind mom so free.. before i go any further I wanted to say this.. this ministry was not started because I have it all together.. in fact i have spoken to jesus many times on how i shouldn’t be at a place of ministering to mamas because i feel so far from that tree sometimes.. sometimes i feel like i’m not cut out for this mom gig and a lot of the time i feel like i’m failing them.. but i’m learning that just because I “feel” something doesn’t make it truth.. Mama I’m just like you and this website was created for mamas just like us. because of all the lies that get thrown at us daily by the devil, fellow mamas, family and ourselves we need to learn to hear the voice of our Father and listen to his truth among all the lies..

because in his truth

there is rest.

there is hope.

there is joy.

there is freedom!

And it’s time we stop believing that “survival” is God’s best for us..

This space on here was not created because i’m trying to give you advice or tips that you’ve heard before so that you can be a better mom.. no. this space was created to meet you where you’re at.. to encourage you where you’re at and to love you where you’re at and from there we will thrive together. we will rise together and live free together..

this community was created so that we will always be reminded that we can’t thrive on our own and we can’t do this mom thing on our own.. we were created to co-partner with holy spirit in our parenting and in this website we are going to learn to do that together.

I am so glad you’re here and I pray this community leaves you encouraged & Revived.


About Heather

hey sisters, I’m so glad you’re here.. I’m happily married to my childhood crush and i’m now a law ENFORCEMENT wife
and together we have three beautiful girls.

i’m a lover of long walks in the cool, crispy mornings, sitting in coffee shops for hours, tea time with my children, iced CARAMEL macchiatos, family time, and early mornings with my Papa god..

i’m a work from home mama who HOME SCHOOLS her three children and is learning to embrace holy spirit in it all..

I remember when i first became a mama.. i was at my very first mommy PLAY DATE and with my husband never being able to have maternity leave i was heavy in motherhood trenches.. i remember sitting there and a mama reached over to me and said “it’s all about survival from here” that sentence stuck to me.. Is that all i’m expected to do here? to survive? to just EXIST in motherhood and nothing else? is this supposed to be my season for the next EIGHTEEN years and more? is survival really all God had for me?

I noticed that this was kind of the motto for my generation of moms.. i noticed that this is what was being preached. That if we can just survive motherhood we’ll be okay. if we can just keep our kids alive, we’ll be okay. if we can just make it to bedtime or the weekend, we’ll be okay.

and i feel like we’ve all been at that place but even now there is a heaviness in my spirit that holy spirit has more for us.. a motherhood lifestyle that beyond survival..

what if we could give god our survival and he replaced it with thriving.

what if we could give god our weariness and he replaced it with rest.

what if could give god our fears, worries, anxieties and depression and he replaced it with never ending joy..

what if we could invite holy spirit to co-partner with us in parenting and he came and filled the blanks, strengthened the weakened areas, and used all the mistakes and mess ups we made and used it for good…

what if we could leave this generation of “surviving” and give our children a new generation of thriving?

Mamas.. that is God’s heart for you and me and everyone that comes after us.. so lets go after him together!